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Types of Flowers

Many times clients come to us saying they don't really know much about flowers or the available types of flowers. There's a lot, there's so many that we are still learning everyday. This link will take you to some other helpful resources that can help you identity flower types, colors and the season in which they bloom!

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Why Give Flowers

Some people love flowers and love to give or receive flowers. They are our flower fans. Some need a little more convincing about this whole flower thing. We have done a little research on the affects of receiving and even giving flowers has some pretty cool benefits. 

  • They make the receiver happy long after they received the flowers
  • They make the giver happy too!
  • Flowers & plants help aid creativity in a space
  • Promote connection between people
  • They bring beauty to a space
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Caring for Your Flowers

Caring for your flowers is important so they keep on blooming! Keep them out of direct sunlight. Freshen up the water every other day with cool tap water and add a little flower food. A fresh snip to their ends is helpful too! As some flowers wilt you can pluck them out of the bunch so they don't contaminate the others. Linked is some more in depth instructions for your reading pleasure.